ALLY Bart Woodcrop

Human salvager of dead Nentir Vale


Bart Woodcrop is a citizen of Fallcrest, formally of Redmere, who has a dangerous job. Bart ventures into the undeath of the Nentir Vale and salvages the fallen towns, villages, and cities. Some may see this as grave robbing or tomb raiding, but Bart disagrees and loses no sleep over it.

Bart justifies this in that he finds weapons and goods that benefits the people of fortified Fallcrest. While he does make a substantial profit, at the end of the day Bart cares more about the survival of the citizens of the Vale.

Bart first met the ORX party with Shi’era along the road that connects Steinmere to the Trade Road. His wagon had thrown a wheel and was over-turned. The ORX crew (+Shi’era) gave assistance to Bart, and he told them of his job and of this Undead New World. He gave the party some supplies and told them that he owed them one.

Bart owes the party a favor once they reach Fallcrest.

ALLY Bart Woodcrop

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