FOE Demios the Scarred (Deceased)

Mad Scientist Eladrin, Servant of Orcus


A half-crazed Eladrin, obsessed with unlocking other’s racial abilities in himself; Demios was scarred due to the many grafts upon his person. Before his death he had access to the following racial abilities: the Eladrin’s Fey Step, the Gnome’s Vanish, and the Drow’s Cloud of Darkness.

Demios stole Razul’s mirror and joined them atop the city of Steinmere within the Grey Aerie before the Wall of Prophecy, unleashing Lady Chaos into the Nentir Vale and allowing for Orcus to enter the land.

Demios was slain in the Grey Aerie by the ORX heroes.

FOE Demios the Scarred (Deceased)

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