FACTION Order of the Beyond

The policing force of Fallcrest and the rest of the Nentir Vale


The Order of the Beyond is a nightly order that was created out of the chaos of the undead sweeping over the lands. With the silence of the divine powers, the Order formed and immediately liberated Fallcrest from the undead hordes, eventually reinforcing the city and making it their base of operations.

The Order has spread out into the Vale during their “rangings” attempting to liberate more and more of the Nentir Vale from the hordes of Chaos and Orcus. The Order can be seen as the equivilent of a police force throughout the Vale through their actions and deeds. Most Order Knights take charge in any situation which requires to combat these fell forces.

The Order of the Beyond has a hatred for the following: Warlocks, Necromancers, Tieflings, Demons, and Undead. In addition to that, they abhor the use of magic that is not registered with the Order itself. In fact, within the city of Fallcrest magic is forbidden unless first registered.

FACTION Order of the Beyond

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