FACTION Pelor's Light

The remnants of the Temple of Pelor from Redmere, now in Winterhaven.


The undead forces seemed to target Redmere the hardest, as is evident by the utter ruins that remain. The worshippers of Pelor soon found their divine might ineffective and after hearing rumors of the divine still being active in Winterhaven, moved their entire congregation to the city.

Calling themselves Pelor’s Light, the group hoped to inspire hope throughout the Nentir Vale. Even though the gods had been silent, by demonstrating their ardent belief in Pelor the Light-Bringer, perhaps a few more people would gain the resolve to survive or even follow the group to Winterhaven.

Pelor’s Light currently operates out of Winterhaven and offers holy rites and services for free to the people of the Nentir Vale.

FACTION Pelor's Light

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