Shi'era the Grey Priestess (Deceased)

The last of the Grey Monks at Steinmere, infected with the undeath, and loyal servant to the end.


Shi’era was the last of the Grey Order tasked with waiting for the arrival of the ORX heroes at Steimere. She had been waiting for 10 years for them to return from their planar jaunt, but during which she became infected by the undead.

Steadfast in her task, she tried to quickly usher the ORX heroes to Fallcrest and inform them of the Undead New World before succumbing to her secret disease.

About two days outside of Fallcrest, her final destination, Shi’era was slain by a member of the Order of the Beyond, Lady Dox, who saw her affliction and saw to end it.

Shi'era the Grey Priestess (Deceased)

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