Leader of the Tiefling refugees within the Vale


Desperate for food and aid, Sturmik and his small crew attempted to rob the party while they were traveling along the Trade Road. They hesitated when they saw a brother Tiefling and began to parlay.

Sturmik told the party, namely Razul, of the plight of the Tieflings within the Vale after the event happened which unleashed the undead across the land. Warlocks, Necromancers, and namely Tieflings were blamed. Many Tieflings, because of their Demonic-heritage, were slain by people they used to call friend. Others were rounded up and forced into to labor and yet others still escaped. The Tieflings of the Vale have no home to call their own and are refugees.

Sturmik has given an open invitation to Razul to join his brethren and has asked Razul to do what he can to help the Tiefling refugees in the future.

Sturmik is an ally to Razul alone.


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