FACTION Tiefling Refugees

A wandering band of racially persecuted Tieflings


Following the unleashing of the undead upon the Nentir Vale, many sought out a scapegoat. Warlocks and Necromancers were given blame, but the brunt of the accusations fell upon the race of Tieflings living and contributing to life in the Vale.

Once-friends soon turned on the Tieflings and many were slain outright while others were forced into hard labor. Others managed to escape both fates while running and regrouping. Currently ill, weak, and without much in the way of resources, the Tiefling refugees whereabouts are unknown. Small raiding parties have the unfortunate task of robbing and raiding, something that they outright abhor, but circumstances have forced their hands.

The Tiefling Refugees have enlisted the help of the party, and are an ally to Razul.

FACTION Tiefling Refugees

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