Xan the Necromancer

The benevolent Necromancer of Stone Bridge


Xan is a Tiefling Necromancer who saw Necromancy as a tool and not something to be feared. Xan embarrassingly admits that when the undead first came to the Nentir Vale he was excited. Not from blood-lust or carnage or chaos, but because he saw this as a way to test his assertion that the undead could benefit the Vale.

Xan found the village of Stone Bridge (now jokingly called Bone Bridge) being ransacked by the undead hordes and sought out to make his stand here. He saved the people of the village and turned the undead into a force of good for these people. The undead farm their lands and protect the people as they are able to pursue avenues of interest. The quality of life in Bone Bridge is quite high due solely to Xan and his efforts.

Xan first met the party when they were traveling along the Trade Road and saw fields of zombies and a village overrun with smoke coming from a chimney. They rushed into the village, and broke into a house in the attempts to protect the citizenry before being confronted by Xan. Xan explained to them his stance and role as protector, and while Oran didn’t like it initially, even he could not deny Xan’s success.

Xan has promised to be an ally to the crew in the future if they keep the knowledge of Stone Bridge secret and far from the eyes of the Order of the Beyond, who would slay him and his servants, sending the villagers back into chaos.


Xan the Necromancer

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