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The History of DORX

DORX, originally ORX, were the adventures of a first level party as they learned the ins and outs of 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Into the Shadowhaunt

The first adventure of the intrepid ORX crew using only Essentials rules for simplicity. The party tackled the 2008 Free Game Day adventure with Brother Oran of Lainad (Half-Elf Warpriest of Pelor,) Razul (Tiefling Infernal Hexblade,) and Lady Xune (Drow Cavalier of Bahamut.) Here it was established that they were students in an adventuring academy ran by Douven Stahl, a Dwarven Bard, who sent them out on their first mission; to rescue some missing boys that had gone missing in a small town outside of Fallcrest

Keep on the Shadowfell, part 1

After having returned to Fallcrest and having successfully rescued the missing boys from a cultist of Orcus, the ORX crew is soon informed by Douven’s wife that he has traveled to Winterhaven to excavate some ancient draconic ruins and no one has heard from him in days. The party sets off to Winterhaven and begins an investigation while fighting off Kobold bands along the way. Razul is convinced by his holier comrades to abandon his demonic ways and Razul is reborn as a Draconic Hexblade (Infernal refluffed) who worships both Bahamut and the Raven Queen. After setting off towards the draconic ruins, Douven is rescued. While Douven recooperates, the ORX crew sets off to vanquish the combined threat of Kobold and Goblin forces that have been ransacking the city of Winterhaven. When they return successfully to Winterhaven, they find evidence of a tuffle and Douvan has gone missing.

Interlude – Ruins of the Wooded Brethren

Due to Oran’s player having to be out of town, we experimented and did a one-shot with the ORX crew via Skype. The experiment was successful in many ways.

Whilst traveling around Winterhaven the party finds a note (retro-actively) mentioning powerful relics in the ruins of the Wooded Brethren, an ancient Elven order devoted to the destruction of Orcus. The party arrives at the ruins and fights off the demonic forces of Orcus, cleansing the ruins and being gifted with powerful Elven artifacts to assist in destroying the cultist threat at the Keep.

Keep on the Shadowfell, part 2

Finally delving into the Keep located near Winterhaven proves to be treacherous. Zombies and shady Goblins fill the first floor as the party fights its way through. Ooze and more forces of the undead are encountered on the second floor before finally confronting and defeating Kalarel on the third floor. Kalarel sacrifices Douvan and reveals his heritage of being a son of Orcus and that he is the half-brother of Razul. Kalarel tries to get Razul to give into his dark desires and turn upon Oran and Xune, but Razul resists and the party unites, seemingly slaying the large demonic creature that Kalarel has become and cleansing the Keep and Winterhaven.

The Floating City of Kalthul

After resting and relaxing for a few months in-game, we catch up on what the ORX crew as they have graduated from the late Douvan’s academy. Oran spent time in the Temple of Pelor in Redmere and has become a full-fledged Cleric. Lady Xune spent time with the Paladin’s order of Bahamut, graduating from Cavalier to Paladin. Razul spent time redeeming himself and becoming a more powerful Hexblade in the name of good.

Razul had discovered a mirror while in the Keep and the party has heard rumors that the mirror is more than it seems. In order to discover what, they must travel to the ruins of Kalthul. While there they are confronted by Demios the Scarred, who demands Razul’s mirror. A battle ensues and the party drives off Demios and his crew, but realize that the mirror has been stolen.

The Grey Aerie at Steinmere

Gathering Griffon mounts from their allies Elian and Valthrun, the ORX crew sets off towards the mountain city of Steinmere while being confronted by the dragon-riding forces of Demios. A battle and a race to Steinmere ensues. While arriving the party is shown the powerful Wall of Prophecy that predicts that the two mirrors will be joined here, something which would upset the balance of the world. This is what the Grey Monks of the Aerie have sworn to protect against.

The ORX crew confronts Demios’ powerful zombie generals and helps guide the citizens of Steinmere to safety before rushing off to a final confrontation with Demios before the Wall. A battle erupts and Demios is slain but not before he summons the Lady Chaos into the Nentir Vale, allowing for the eventual appearance of Orcus.

Before the party can even celebrate their victory, Razul is kidnapped by his now-undead brother Kalarel and is pulled through a portal while the rest of the party confronts the Changeling Kalarel who gives them a prophecy of the future. The portal closes and Razul is seemingly lost. The Grey Monks offer to open a one-way portal to follow and rescue Razul and Oran and Xune accept, disappearing into the portal into the unknown.

Interlude – Big Trouble in Little Fallcrest

An Undead New World

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